Transformation and Change Management

Value Promise: Change individuals inner self to embed behavioral chang
  • Our passion is to motivate and facilitate that people and organizations embrace change, minimizing risk, improving productivity and agility during transition times.
  • With a systemic approach we accompany leaders, sponsors and agents in the implementation of change in the three organizational dimensions: Formal, Talent and Informal.
  • We have our own and international proven methodologies of transformation and change management.
  • Implementation of change management strategies with PCI* and ARAR* model
  • Systemic Organizational Configurations
  • Culture and Organizational Effectiveness
Surveys & Assessments
  • Organizational Culture
  • Team Alignment
  • Organizational Congruence

*PCI People Centered Implementation, acreditados por Changefirst, UK
*ARAR – Awareness, Challenge, Action, Reinforcement